Welcome to summer, Canada!

It’s finally time to enjoy the season where the days are warm and bright, the nights are lively, and food just tastes better outside. Intimidated by the thought of planning the perfect picnic? Don’t panic, just picnic! We promise it’s a lot easier than it looks, and to help get you started, we’ve put together some helpful tips that will help make your picnic flawless.

Tip 1: Location, location, location!

First things first: pick your spot. So where exactly IS the perfect place to picnic? OUTSIDE, naturally! Whether it's in an urban park, the cottage porch, or even just your own backyard, choose a spot that makes you happy and just go there!

Tip 2: The “Basket”

The image of the picnic basket may be classic, but a cooler, a backpack, milk crates, comically oversized handkerchiefs tied to sticks, even tote bags are all useful stand-ins. As long as it can carry the essentials! Make sure to package up foods with ice packs to prevent anything from going bad while you’re on the move.

Tip 3: Plan for clean up

You’re going to want to leave your perfect picnic locale in good shape for the next person (or for yourself if you’re going to make it a regular thing!), so make sure you plan ahead. Bring bags for garbage, foil or containers for leftovers, and baby wipes for sticky hands aren’t a bad idea either.

Tip 4: The menu

This is where we’ve definitely got you covered. Browse our picnic collection to find something to really “wow” your fellow picnickers. We recommend one or two feature dishes -- like hot dogs with unique toppings, or some tasty sandwiches -- at least two sides like a salad and some chips, a dessert, and some drinks. If you’re making a big day of it and you’ve got a lot of room in your basket, throw in some finger foods to munch on throughout the day.

Tip 5: Extras

Don’t forget that outside has unique features you need to plan for. Things like sun, dirt, or bugs. Make sure you’ve got sunscreen, insect repellent, hats, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and maybe a frisbee, because that could come in handy.

Tip 6: Double-duty

You’re going to want to stay hydrated. And you’re going to want to keep your food chilled during transport. Solution? Freeze water bottles the night before! Now that packing space that would have been ice packs can be more delicious food. You’re welcome.

Tip 7: Plan from the ground up

As lovely as it is to sit in the grass, it does come with its own set of challenges. If it’s a little damp, a lined picnic blanket might help keep bottoms dry (or if you have an old shower curtain kicking around, put it under the blanket!). Also, bringing a couple of trays as a sturdy surface to put drinks on might help avoid spills.

Tip 8: Spice things up

Think you might be getting really culinary out there? Tape up straws and funnel spices into them to make portable spice packets!

Tip 9: Up your dessert game

Make desserts portable and pretty by building them in jars. Layer a combination of cake, fruits, chocolates, sweet sauces or creams in mason jars to create a sweet masterpiece. If you want to get really fancy, dress the mason jars up with ribbons. Take pictures, post to social media, get all the likes.
Okay, when all is said and done, the real secret to a successful picnic is this: surround yourself with good people and good food and make some memories. Remember that, and you’re golden. Now go forth and picnic!

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