By Sandra B – Toronto, ON
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Total Time: 20
  • Servings: 1

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a BBQ take on a classic sandwich - this is the BBQ'd Bacon Basil & Tomato sandwich made with hummus instead of mayo.


6 rashers of thin sliced Maple Leaf bacon, BBQ'd double thickness
2 tbsp Plain classic hummus
1 medium sized fresh tomato, sliced thick and BBQ'd
8 fresh picked basil leaves
1 Whole wheat kaiser roll/other quality bun - toasted on the BBQ


1. Assemble ingredients
2. place tomato slices and bacon on the BBQ/grill cook for up to 5 minutes
3. quickly toast the bun, cut in half - both cut sides down on the BBQ/grill
4. remove bun, spread with hummus on both sides
5. place washed, dry basil leaves over the hummus on one half
6. remove bacon, place on paper towel briefly to absorb extra fat, the place on hummus on bottom half of the bun
7. place BBQ'd tomato slices on the bacon, assemble the sandwich and serve hot,

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