Sweet and spicy chicken

By Haider A – toronto, ON
Sweet and spicy chicken
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About this Recipe

Sweet and spicy chicken is both simple and delightful. Hauntingly easy to make, and a spooky kick to take that halloween dinner to the next level.


1 lb whole boneless chicken
50 ml of sriracha sauce
100 ml of ketchup
1 cup full scoop of love


1. Take the chicken and cut it up into tiny pieces

2. Measure out sriracha sauce and ketchup, make sure they are at 50ml, and 100 ml, no more, no less.

3. Pre heat skillet to medium high, about 6 on your stove, for 10 minutes.

4. Cook chicken until it reaches desirable temp, then dump ketchup and sriracha.

Taadaaa, now you have yourself the deliciously simple sweet and spicy chicken.


It's grrrreat.

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