Slow Cooker Ham & Herb and Vegetable Low Calorie Soup

By Jane R – London, ON
Slow Cooker Ham & Herb and Vegetable Low Calorie Soup
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Total Time: 270
  • Servings: 6

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Very simple but very satisfying soup and super low calorie and full of the good stuff. If calories are not an issue a hand full of Pasta Bows or a couple of diced peeled Potatoes can be added. I did not add any salt to my recipe as the rich Ham flavour and fresh herbs means no lack of flavour. I love slow cooking and this soup cooked in the morning can be left on warm all day to feed my family of 6 when it suits their comings and goings! The Cardamom adds a subtle sweet flavour making this soup


1 pack Maple Leaf Country Kitchen Smoked Ham Steak diced
1 and half Litres Vegetable or Chicken Stock
1 Large Zucchini diced
1 cup chopped Peppers
1 Large Carrot sliced
4 Sticks of Celery chopped
1 cup mixed Fresh chopped Herbs I used Parsley
Rosemary and Basil
Generous Pinch of fresh ground Cardamom about 1 and half tsp's
5 crushed Garlic cloves
Fresh Ground Black Pepper


Very simple just put all ingredients in the slow cooker and get on with your day as your kitchen fills with a fabulous homely aroma!
I don't do any pre cooking Im all about simplicity and don't want to waste precious calories on any fats or oils . I find no sacrifice in taste by just letting the natural flavours fuse over the slow cooking time .


I have a family of 6 who need feeding at all hours so this is perfect to leave on the warm setting of my slow cooker all day.

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