Santa Fe Slaw and Smoked Ham Bundles

By Sandra B – Toronto, ON
Santa Fe Slaw and Smoked Ham Bundles
  • Prep Time: 25
  • Total Time: 40
  • Servings: 4-6

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Bundles of delicious salad and ham that can be eaten by hand without any mess.


2 cups kernels of cooked or raw sweet corn (fresh or frozen)
.5 cup diced red and green peppers
.3 cup diced red onion
.3 cup minced fresh cilantro
2 large fresh limes, juiced
4 tbsp good quality EV olive oil
salt, pepper and if you wish, cayenne, to taste
350 g Schneiders Country Naturals Smoked Ham, julienned, about 3.5 incheslong
12 sheets edible rice paper (about 10x10 inches)
cold running water


Corn mixture:

Combine all the ingredients (corn, peppers, onion, cilantro, lime, oil salt and pepper) and toss.

If you have time, allow the mixture to marinate for 30 minutes or more. If not, you can use the slaw right away.


Lay out all your ingredients ready to assemble. Divide the corn mixture and ham into 12 equal portions, set aside.

You will need a large cookie baking sheet or a piece of parchment paper on which to assemble your bundles.

Carefully run the first sheet of rice paper under gently running cold water. Quickly coat both sides.
Pause for 15 seconds, then again run the cold water over each side.
Lay the wetted rice paper on your parchment or baking sheet surface.

Place the first bunch of corn mixture into the middle of the bottom third of the rice paper.

On top of that, lay the first portion of ham, making sure the ham is visible and separate from the corn. This separation of ingredients is for visual effect.

In the meantime, the rice paper you are working on will have become translucent and soft like pizza dough.
Take one end of the soft paper and wrap the filling, making an envelope. Roll a little.
Once you have a roll with the ingredients captured inside, wrap the sides into the center to close up the sides.
Fold the final part of the wet paper over top of the roll enclosing the sides and the filling. The soft rice paper will stick where you place it.
Roll as tightly as possible without tearing the rice paper.

Lay each finished bundle on a serving platter and cover with a damp cloth.

Repeat the steps with all the rolls until you have 12 completed.
These bundles should be served whole.

To serve:

Lay on a serving plate, garnish and serve immediately, with napkins.


You can serve these tasty bundles for a cocktail event too but consider making them a bit smaller and less hearty than you would make for your family on movie night!

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