Reubans Cubes

By Chef Bob V – Mississauga, ON
Reubans Cubes
  • Prep Time: 60
  • Total Time: 120
  • Servings: 6

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So this one takes some time commitment, but is not actually that hard and looks so cool! I would recommend only doing this for a small gathering. It is a lot of work and you are left with a whole lot of bread scraps, but did I mention how cool it is??? You may need to ask ahead at the bakery for them to leave a couple of loaves of Pumpernickel unsliced for you.


2 Pumpernickel loaves - UNSLICED
1 Pkg Maple Leaf Corned Beef Brisket
1 cup Sauerkraut
6 tsp Russian Salad Dressing (or 1000 Islands)
3 Whole Garlic Cloves - sliced very thin
1 cup Canola Oil
1/2 cup Swiss Cheese - shredded


Prepare the corned beef as directed on the package and keep warm.

Cut your Loaves into 3 large cubes, approximately 3.5 inches high by 2.5 inches across.

In a deep skillet, heat the oil to 325 F and add the sliced Garlic. Fry each cube on all sides so that they are crispy. Set aside on a piece of paper towel. When you are done remove the garlic slices (which should now be crispy and golden brown) and place on paper towel.

Using a sharp bread knife cut the "lid" off you cube by slicing about 1/2 an inch off. Hollow out the cube using a steak knife, making sure you do not go all the way through.

Fill each cube with a few thin slices of corned beef, warmed sauerkraut, drizzle with dressing, add cheese and then top with lid. Place in 350 F oven for 10 minutes.

Top each cube with fried garlic and Enjoy!

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