Fresh Smoked Ham and Coleslaw Spring Rolls

By Sandra B – Toronto, ON
Fresh Smoked Ham and Coleslaw Spring Rolls
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Total Time: 40
  • Servings: 6

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This is a easy way to pull together a tasty hors d'ouevre offering when guests suddenly drop by. I often have coleslaw and Maple Leaf Ham in my fridge and rice paper in my pantry.


300 g Maple Leaf Country Kitchen Smoked Ham, julienned into fine three inch strips
450 g home made or commercial high quality oil and vinegar coleslaw, drained but not overly dry.
10 sheets dry, edible rice paper
cold running water


Lay out all your ingredients ready to assemble. Divide the coleslaw and ham into 10 equal portions, set aside.

You will need a large porcelain plate or large cookie tray on which to lay the wet rice paper. The surface needs to be rather flat and non- stick. Alternately you may lay out a large sheet of parchment paper as your prep surface.
Carefully place the first sheet of rice paper under gently running cold water. Quickly coat both sides. Pause for 15 seconds, then again run the cold water over each side.
Immediately lay the dampened rice paper on the flat non-stick surface.
In the middle, and bottom third of the sheet - closest to you - place the first bunch of coleslaw. Over top of that, lay the first portion of julienne'd ham strips. Make sure the most pieces overlap in the center part of your bundle.
You will notice, in the meantime, the rice paper on which you are working, has become translucent and soft.
Carefully, take the bottom of the paper - closest to you. Wrap up the filling making a roll like an envelope. Try to pack the inside ingredients tightly inside the stretchy fragile rice paper.
Once you have a roll, wrap the sides into the center to close up the sides.
Then fold the final part of the wet paper over top like an envelope flap over the sides - closing up the sides and sealing in the filling.
Lay each finished spring roll on a cutting board or cookie tray. Repeat the steps with all the rolls until you have 10 completed.
Cover your tray of spring rolls with a damp clean cloth, until ready to serve.
To serve:
Get your serving tray ready. Take a sharp, wet knife, cut each roll in half in the middle and lay the each piece on the serving tray.
Repeat until each roll is halved.
Decorate as appropriate.
Serve immediately.


This dish is gluten free, easy to prepare, nutitious and tasty.
Take care to be gentle with the rice paper both before and after it is wet.
It's brittle and easy to break when it's dry.
It's soft and delicate to work with when it's damp.
Worth the slight challenge. The results are great.

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