Christmas Meat Pie

By melissa g – miramichi, NB
Christmas Meat Pie
  • Prep Time: 720
  • Total Time: 720

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Family tradition to have meat pies at Christmas time. I usually like to add wild game such as rabbit, or moose If I was lucky to get one that year.


1 Pkg Maple Leaf Prime Naturally® Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (1kg)
1 Pkg Beef pot roast (3kg)
1 Pkg pork roast (2kg)
Wild Pkg game if you have it such as rabbit, deer, moose etc
6 1lb lard
10kg flour
6 large eggs
1/2 cup minced garlic
12 bay leaves
6 cups of chicken stock
6 cups of beef stock
6 medium onions
6 Tbs salt
6 Tbs pepper
21 plates 9in


Cut all the meat into 2 inch cubes, add to extra large stock pot. If you have wild game, use about 1kg of meat to add extra gamey flavor. Chop onions, add to pot. Add bay leaves. Add garlic. Add salt and pepper. Add 6 cups of chicken and 6 cups of beef stock. Fill water until it is a few inches above meat. Bring to a boil then slow boil for 4 hours. Remove all scum as you see it come to the top, stir occasionally with a long wooden spoon so the meat won't stick to the bottom. Remove meat chunks spread out on pan and place in fridge to cool off. Strain stock and re add back to pot for later (set aside). Break apart meat until it is all shredded apart, place shredded meat in a large roaster pan (or spread it over over a few roasting pans). Bring stock to boiling point. In a bowl mix together flour and water until it forms a thick Greek like yogurt consistency. Strain out clumps, and whisk slowly into stock to make the gravy. Gravy should be like smooth yogurt consistency. Taste gravy add salt if you need to. Allow gravy to cool down, then add to meat and mix with hands. Set aside in fridge until ready to make the pies. To make the pie shells, every 1lb lard will make 7 bottoms or tops. To make one batch, added 5.5 cups of all purpose flour to a big mixing bowl. Add 2 tsp of salt and mix with a dough cutter. Add 1lb lard and cut into flour with dough cutter until it resembles very coarse oatmeal. In a measuring cup beat 1 egg. Add 1 Tbs of vinegar, mix and fill to the 1 cup mark with ice cold water. Mix. Add this to the mixing bowl and use dough cutter until dough is formed, form into 7 balls, set in fridge for 10 minutes. Roll out each ball so it will cover the 9in pan with some overlap. Add to pie pan, add 2 cups of meat mixture to each pie, and top with another rolled out dough. Pinch edges and cut off excess. Carve some cute designs, like an xmas tree or smiley face to allow steam to vent. Repeat until all the meat is used up. This could be around 12 - 18 pies! Place into freezer bags and stack no more than 2 high to freeze. To cook one (right away) cook on lowest rack for 1 hour at 250 degrees. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before cutting into it, enjoy it with some homemade butter pickles and ketchup!


Takes a lot of effort and time. If you can do the meat one day and the crusts the next day.

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